This South Korean Girl is Making Over $100,000 A Year Eating With Her Camera

This has to categorize as “The Dream Job That Actually Happens”. In the cyber age we are living, many people are having dinner with their computers, laptops, and mostly smart phones. It is a common scene to see people let their smart phones eat first – snap a photo and upload to social website before they start to eat. Now there is one cute girl from South Korea who actually turn her daily life into something make money. What we are talking about here is over $100,000 a year. So how she actually did it?

Park Seo-yeon, a young and beautiful girl from South Korea sparked an idea to eat in front of her webcam. Whoever wants to watch her eat food online has to pay a certain amount of money.

park seo yeon

Once you are paid, you can watch Park Seo-yeon having dinner with your computer, laptop, iPhone or any Android devices.

park seo yeon

Park Seo-yeon broadcasts her dining up to three hours a day from her apartment in Seoul, South Korea.

park seo yeon
Well, you might not believe that watching someone else eating is actually the latest trend in South Korea. According to Seo-yeon, the reasons why viewers willing to pay her and watch her eat is because they can’t eat that much, or they feel lonely to eat alone in their own apartment, or are on a diet.