Most Insane Bridge On Earth Is Absolutely This One In Japan

Eshima Ohashi is the third largest bridge in the world. A normal human being will freak out by just looking at the bridge. It is also not surprise if you think this is a roller coaster but not a road built for cars and trucks. No, this is a joke. This is a popular bridge that spans across Lake Nakaumi. It has an insanely steep and horrifying slope. The height? The Titanic can pass underneath it with ease.

Eshima Ohashi is the largest bridge in Japan and also the craziest one on this planet.

eshima ohashi bridge
The bridge is approximately one mile long (1.7 km) with the height of approximately 144 feet. That’s tall enough for Titanic to pass undernearth.

Make sure you don’t vomit if you plan to across this bridge in Japan.

eshima ohashi bridge
It is really not recommended to cross this bridge if you have heart attack, high blood pressure or fear of heights.

The width of Eshima Ohashi bridge is approximately 11.4 meters with a gradient of 6.1% on the Shimane Prefecture side and 5.1% on the Tottori Prefecture side.

eshima ohashi bridge

Fortunately, it isn’t so scary to view from the side.

eshima ohashi bridge
After seeing all the actual photos of the bridge, will you vote Eshima Ohashi bridge as the craziest bridge on this planet?