You Will Be Shocked With These Extreme Secrets About DJ Soda

A young and cute South Korean girl has strike the world with her beauty, hot dance and her amazing skills in mixing recorded music. She is DJ Soda! Everything related to DJ Soda especially her videos have been playing again and again in YouTube. It hasn’t been stop for a single day. Her profile, her song and her hot dance with Redfoo’s New Thang song is now a huge wave on the internet.

1. According to DJ Soda profile, DJ Soda’s real name in Korean is 黄素熙. She was born in the 90s and her age is still a secret. Most men love her without a single doubt but most women and gay hate her.

DJ Soda
DJ Soda is now one of the most popular DJs in every city’s top club scene from Seoul to Tokyo to London to New York to Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur to Singapore.

2. All DJ Soda did was 3 attractive movements with New Thang Music, a little bit of DJ skills, and of course, with her angelic devil body and devilish angel face.

DJ Soda
With just a few attractive movements, DJ Soda has gained fame in a very short period of time from East to West. These movements make everyone forget about the back spin accident.

3. DJ Soda plastic surgery is a mystery after her high school photos is exposed.

DJ Soda
Is DJ Soda really gone through a plastic surgery? Did her performance bring happiness and excitement to you? Whether she did or not, the world is still continuing to rock with DJ Soda song!

4. DJ Soda bra size is expected at least D Cup. She was once tagged as “A girl walked out from the comic”.

DJ Soda

5. Haters or anti-DJ-Soda group will happy to know that DJ Soda doesn’t has a page in Wikipedia yet.

DJ Soda
If you search on Wikipedia or DJ Soda Wiki, you can’t find a page that is built for DJ Soda. There won’t be anything appear in Wikipedia page include DJ Soda real name, age, birth place, date of birth and etc. This is odd, isn’t it?